Assignment Wk 12

I chose Zoetica Media Group to find a blog post from because they are PR professionals who write about the industry and social media, which is relevant for me because that is I work for a digital marketing agency. The post that I picked is titled How to Build a Relevant Instagram Following, because I recently started an Instagram account for one of our clients and I am now working on building our following.

The post talks about the need for consistent posting, which I agree is very important especially in the beginning phase of an account, because you are trying to build your following and make sure that anyone who accesses your profile gets a feel for the story behind your brand. The post discusses the struggles with this, which mostly consist of the time it takes to create and post the content. It suggests using apps for creating content and that’s what we do at the agency, as well as planning posts ahead of time, two weeks at a time.

Another thing that I agree can help engage and get the audience engaged more is the Instagram Stories option. Instagram Stories can use hashtags just like a regular post, you can tag your location and one of my favorite features, it has a poll creating option. Creating a poll gets the audience involved because it’s easy to respond to them.


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